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San Diego, CA


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Web developer, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript tutor and graphic design student.
One of my favorite projects so far has been helping others learn HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript! I enjoy being able to work with students and help them achieve their goals, while in turn solidifying my own knowledge of the subjects. I have been described as detail oriented and enjoy creating work that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

Some goals of mine in the development field include finding a career that leaves me both creatively stimulated and enthusiastic about future projects.

In my free time I enjoy building electric bikes, quadcopters (drones), and rebuilding old BMW motors. I love explore San Diego on my eBike, and to reduce my carbon footprint while communiting.


AS Web Development

San Diego Mesa College

• JavaScript
• NEXT.js
• PHP7
• jQuery
• Responsive UI/UX design
• Wireframes, frameworks

• CSS3
• React
• Prismic.io
• WordPress
• WooCommerce, OpenCart
• Agile, CRUD, API's, iFrames, plugins

AS Automotive Technology

San Diego Miramar College

After completing an automotive technical program at Miramar College I had to opportunity to build and tune domestic vehicles. We built rally trucks for Baja races, personal cars for drag racing, to spec motor builds, custom forced induction applications, dynamometer tuning, suspension builds, and countless more. After a few years I transitioned into Subaru and Mitsubishi. As of today I specialize in imports, mostly BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

AA Graphic Design

San Diego City College

*Currently Enrolled*

• inDesign
• Illustrator
• Photoshop

500+ hour Yoga Teacher Training

(RYS) Certification

Yoga has help me grow and learn more about myself and the world we reside in. It has given me the tools to clear my mind, allow my body to age gracefully and access to spiritually without religious dogma. Without it I would not be the person I am today. I hope that when I teach yoga, it helps to bring more awareness and consciousness into the world.


Here are some of my projects


Custom Electric Bicycles

Work in progress eCommerce eBike store, using OpenCart. Specializing in high powered electric bikes, personalized bikes to fit your riding style, and parts to build your own!


404 Page

Check out my custom 404 page.


TwilioQuest JavaScript Solutions

Here are my solutions to Twilio's educational game.


Auto International

My first eCommerce site built using WordPress and WooCommerce.


Cat Facts with React!

Enjoy an assortment of images and Facts randomly generated with a click of a button.


Angular CRUD API

A little project created in angular using Create, Read, Update, Delete operations and a bit of fun with API's.


Documentation of building this site

Take a look at the steps I took to create my portfolio page. I will explain each part of the process. Sitemaps, wireframes, mockups, templates, testing, SEO and more!


Electric Bicycles

Come and see all the bikes that have been created and check out my little eBike store that sells parts and custom built bikes of all sorts of shapes and sizes.


Remote Pilot

A place for all my remote pilot stuff from videos, pictures, mini/micro quadcopter builds and more!

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San Diego, CA
Phone: +1(805) 501-7106
Email: wes.gilmour@gmail.com